Throwback to the start of our Canadian Journey

Throwback to the start of our Canadian Journey

“Man, I envy your stories. Mine was so boring, “ said G when Alaine and I shared our Canadian journey stories, during our meetup with other iCanada clients.

Note: If you are also planning to go to Canada, just hit the link on the right to get your journey started with iCanada. This is NOT a paid link, just a way for us to pay it forward.

From selling all our stuff even before our visa approval to the crazy DFA stories to the 2-week rush from visa approval to our flight.

I mean it’s fun to talk about it now but we surely didn’t feel that way back then. Our journey was, to put it bluntly, pretty chaotic.

We thought we’d share some of these “fun” stories here so that it can, hopefully, help those who want to take the same journey avoid our mishaps. Or at least, have a laugh at our expense.

Watch out for more of our #CrazyJourneyBeforeTheCanadianJourney

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