Why we took the Student Pathway

Why we took the Student Pathway

There are so many ways to get your immigration journey started. We will talk about the rest in the coming days, but we will focus on our current path.

The International Student Pathway!


Let’s get the CONS out of the way.


This is one of the more expensive pathways going to Canada.

College tuition in Canada is no joke. Yes, they have different schemes/plans on how you want to pay your tuition, but it is still a lot of money upfront. Not only do you need to have money for your education, but you also need to have your show money or proof of financial support!

“Fun fact” about Internation vs Domestic Tuition.

Longer Route

Another downside to this pathway is that you will typically take longer to be a permanent resident. First, you’ll need to complete your studies, so that’s already a year at the minimum – because the recommended time frame is 2 years. After that, you must apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which will last another two years. You must retain good standing to qualify for the different PR pathways available during that time.

Limited Working Hours

This is a disadvantage because the cost of living in Canada is costly. The more hours you can work, the better.

Note: This may be outdated, though, since there’s a push from the government to allow students to work more hours because they need more workers! Hopefully, this policy remains.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff!


Aside from the financial aspect, this is the more accessible pathway to be approved. Sure, there are still lots of requirements, but here, you don’t have to go through the point system. Now, if you are like us me, you might HAVE to take this option because my age equated to ZERO points in the system.

Besides, the longer we wait, the more challenging it might become.

Chance to Reinvent

We realized this when we were deciding who should study (again).

Initially, we wanted me (Ryan) to study and take a program on Information Technology. However, after some discussion, we decided it was best for Alaine to study instead. Yes, she has already established herself as a businesswoman and chef in Manila, but she always wanted more “technical knowledge.” This was the perfect opportunity for her to do that.

We also know of others who did exactly what we did. Others who later on in life realized they had a different passion from their degree.


There are a lucky few who already have a good network (of friends and family) here when they land, but this is simply not the case for most newcomers. Being in a program allows you to build your network.

Take the time to get to know your teachers, and ask them to mentor you. Build relationships with your classmates, and help each other be successful. Take advantage of the stage or internship to build your reputation.

Starting from scratch is tough. Use your school’s network to your advantage.

Up To You

As you probably deduced, it was not much of an option for us because of our age. Still, we hope this allows you to consider the Student Pathway as your entry point into Canada.

One final point about the Student Pathway.

Although we were all in about the move to Canada, we felt that there were so many things that were not in our control. What if Canada somehow closes their doors to immigrants? What if we don’t fit into the life here? Despite these uncertainties, we knew that a Canadian degree is an asset worldwide and that the world would be more open to us.

Good luck with your journey! 🛫

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